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Staffing with Purpose

Family Leadership Services provides treatment programs for young people. Our highly trained and experienced staff engages our young clients in confidence building and discipline training. Our disciplined staff accomplishes this by employing proven and tested psychological and emotional problems counseling and chemical dependency treatment.

Our staff is responsible for overseeing, supporting and maintaining the quality of care that we deliver and it shows in the positive, constructive results that we achieve with our teens and their families.

Family Leadership Services offers an array of residential treatment support, education and leadership programs. We help build better lives for young people affected by mental illness and substance abuse health problems.

We have a staff of highly-trained, professional individuals with decades of real experience.

Our staff forms an incredibly supportive community run by experts in the field of adolescent development. At Family Leadership Services, our staff knows that your child is the center of an exceptional treatment experience.

Talented Team

With demonstrated education and life experience, our staff has the ability and sincerity to effect change in the lives of our troubled teens.

Our on-site staff are medical professionals, therapists and counselors. Working togethe and addressing the underlying causes, we deliver rehabilitation programs that can fix negative teen experiences.

Real Experience

We have assembled an outstanding team of youth treatment professionals with the ability and understanding to coach, train and develop our young clients to profound change.

Our teens receive only the best in round-the-clock attention, the highest quality care and treatment available. Our professional staff of therapists and counselors is the key to recovery.

Staffing with an Objective

Our staff knows their objective is to help our young people and their families get their lives back and enabling their true potential.

We have successfully turned young lives around by focusing on returning them to the potential life future they deserve. Our system and treatment programs and our staff maximize the results we achieve in our young people.