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Our Treatment Services

Family Leadership Services treats the problems and difficulties that face troubled teens to heal from substance abuse, mental health conditions, personality problems and behavioral disorders. We provide support to adolescents with behavior issues so they can participate in their community on a daily basis.

Our residential treatment services are designed for adolescents with emotional, behavioral or substance abuse problems and to the help their families. Family Leadership Services makes the difference in the lives of our young clients so that they can make the changes necessary to have a meaningful and satisfying life.

Self Esteem Building

Adolescents can suffer from self-doubt, self-criticism, social isolation, anger and shame. Low self-esteem is also a symptom of several mental health conditions, including anxiety and depression. Healthy self-esteem challenges teens and kids know strengths against weaknesses. We execute training programs that address conflicts and support resistance to negative pressures. Family Leadership Services enables teens with the coping mechanisms and skills that can result in normal, positive outcomes in situations that require control and competent behaviors.

Counseling Services

As children and adolescents mature, their social skills processing and their emotional intelligence development can lead to building healthy, happy lives. When children and adolescences experience emotions or behaviors that interfere with their happiness and ability to thrive, problems can arise. We engage with proven therapy in order to create a safe environment to address those negative experiences. Family Leadership Services grow children, teens and family. We are the services that provide for intervention. We assist in decision making, skill building and mental health support.

Transitional Living House

Family Leadership Services provides adolescent safe housing and life skills training, supportive case management services, educational guidance and counseling for parents and teens. Our goal is to support our young adult residents achieve self-sufficiency, financial independence and long-term housing stability. Serving the young and equipping teens with the necessary skills and education to become independent.

Individual interests and talents focused

Our support programs are based on understanding a young person's strengths and weaknesses. Using a strengths-based approach, our model scope is on acknowledging that every individual has a unique set of strengths and abilities and building reliance on to overcoming problems. We align with a recovery process that seeks leadership.

We bring meaning to building leadership skill sets and encouraging our young person’s ability so they may develop personal confidence in progressing towards behavior modifications and recovery. Attention is placed on strengthening abilities rather than focusing on weaknesses, symptoms or difficulties.

Strengths linked to positive outcomes can impact quality-of-life satisfaction. Integrated with family and community and coupled with appropriate medical treatment, we encourage our young people to cultivate their interests, identify and build their own strengths and to positively pursue their goals.

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Our admission program requirements are based on matching our programs with individuals. We treat at risk teens and young adults that may be characterized as hard to place, hard to help or difficult to treat, even those who may have failed other treatment plans.

Our programs treat teens and young adults with behavioral and emotional problems and those with medical, chemical dependencies and development issues.

Registered Nurse &
Licensed Practical Nurse Services

Our's is an interactive process for our nurses and for our young clients. We begin with a thorough health care needs matching so our nursing staff participates in the assessment, planning and implementation of our young adult evaluations and treatments.

24 Hour Staffing

Our group setting is based on a structured, safe, secure environment and our around-the-clock, 24-hour skilled staffing is provided to maintain a consistent supervision of our adolescent clients.

Recreation, Events and Activities

Dedicated to providing a variety of activities, events and social interactions that strengthen young people, our approach to teen mental health, chemical dependency recovery and behavior reshaping involves positive participation in educational learning, recreational activities, community relationship building and focused seminars and workshops.