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Safe Homes, Safe Environments

Safety is one of Family Leadership Services' core values. We build strong communities by providing a safe and healthy environment for our teen youth and their families. In our safe and healthy environments we provide a residential home setting where individuals and families can reach their full potential. All of our residential group homes ensure a supportive, safe and healthy environment.

Youth Residential Housing

Our in-home setting programs are designed as a comprehensive treatment plan with school, work, learning to be with others, tasks' completion, managing responsibilities and activities, all that involve complete aspects engaged participation. We use a community based therapy meant to treat and address problem interpersonal and extra-personal behaviors. Our treatment focus is on neglect, emotional and mental impairment, school related problems, substance abuse, truancy, low self-esteem issues, risky behaviors and family separation. Our therapy is a complete treatment process to help teens recovery and become successful, active and positive young adults.