Comprehensive Evaluation & Assessment

Our applied behavioral analysis is simply the application of behavioral principles to target behavioral treatment situations. Over time, these targeted behaviors can be corrected so behavior changes produce positive behavior outcomes.

Family Leadership Services employs a comprehensive evaluation and assessment process to determine the individual needs of every teen and family. This evaluation includes a clear assessment of affecting medical conditions that may be causing challenging behaviors. We look at all aspects of a child’s life including evaluating medical conditions, relationships in school, peer groups and family.

Our systematic evaluation helps in leading effective interventions that support the child’s goals, enhance problem-solving, improve coping skills, build on the child's strengths and instill leadership qualities.

The Family Leadership Services knows that the best mental health treatment for a child rests only with a thorough, systematic evaluation and understanding coupled with a successful and effective treatment plan.

Evidence-Based Treatment

Our treatment practices are based on proven clinical research. We utilize treatment and support processes designed to produce positive outcomes for children, their families and the community. Family Leadership Services and our treatment and support practices are simply, effective.

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Our admission program requirements are based on matching our programs with individuals. We treat at risk teens and young adults that may be characterized as hard to place or hard to help, even those who may have failed other treatment plans.

Our programs treat teens and young adults with behavioral and emotional problems and those with medical, chemical dependencies and development issues.